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MATTER is an award-winning production company that creates entertaining, brand-driven content and cinematic stories for advertising agencies, studios, networks and organizations.

Founded in 2009 by Director Matt Deskiewicz, alongside his wife and co-owner, Pamela Liptak, MATTER began with the belief that every person and every story counts. 

By creating an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion at MATTER there is nothing we can’t achieve when we are all working together.  Dreams turn into reality and the impossible suddenly becomes possible. The journey itself becomes just as rewarding as the final product, especially with an, "one for all and all for one" mindset - where everyone looks out for one another and treats each other with the dignity and respect they deserve no matter what a person's background, ability, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, orientation, position or job title. 

Two heads 
are better 
than one.
A veteran from the Los Angeles entertainment community, Pamela Liptak has worked for Paramount, CBS, UPN, Fox Broadcasting Company, Warner Bros. Discovery and carries over 35 years of entertainment industry experience. Pamela prides herself on her openness and honesty, connecting with people and  adding integrity to all her undertakings to take every project to the highest creative level.

Matt Deskiewicz was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. The son of Polish immigrants, his hard working, can-do attitude is second nature and go hand in hand with his honest, down to earth disposition as a filmmaker. Clients, talent and crew alike find a familiarity and comfort when working with Matt. From his engaging human portraits, cinematic stories and stunning imagery, Matt’s passion and love for his craft is infused throughout all his work as a commercial, television, and film writer, producer and director.

Over the years as Pamela and Matt have become more involved with environmentally conscious and humanity-focused endeavors, MATTER has gained industry attention, winning accolades and known for their award-winning commercial, music and environmental media efforts alongside brands, television networks and organizations in the US and around the world.

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